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Caryl Churchill, comparative pieces

I’ve mentioned this before but Nina Raine (who coincidentally wrote a play called Rabbit see below)has written for Arete, an insightful piece comparing two productions of Far Away, by Caryl Churchill. One by Stephen Daldry and one by Peter Brook, in French (which I managed to see in Paris).

There may be bias, in that I think she assisted on the Daldry production, but I think it provides very interesting thoughts on short plays, plays in two languages and the visions of two acknowledged great directors working with one of Britain’s greatest living playwrights.

I say greatest…. of course there’s no easy way of judging that but Churchill I have been told is one of only a handful of playwrights who stand an almost 100% chance of selling out a new play before previews have finished. I think Stoppard and Pinter count as well.

I mention this as I am booked in to see Churchill’s new play, Drunk Enough to Say I Love You.

The tag line is:

” Jack would do anything for Sam. Sam would do anything.”

I also mention it as A Number is being performed in Sheffield with father and son team of Timothy and Samuel West (artistic director). This adds another layer to play which has the possibilties of cloning and the relationship between those we have genetic ties to, at its heart. Running to Nov 11 I don’t think I will be able to get to Sheffield to see it, but if anyone does, let me know what you thought?

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One Response to “Caryl Churchill, comparative pieces”

  1. Ben Ellis on November 7th, 2006

    That Nina Raine article is a corker. Thanks very much for the link.

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