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Acting standards

Krazy Kritic at the Wedding Collective blog satirises the lack of acting standards of celebrities getting roles based on fame rather than skill.

On the one hand, it’s definitely a good thing to have standards. However, judging those standards can be difficult (especially when critics disagree see my post on critics who are split Alexandra Moen’s performance in Shoreditch Madonna).

It’s a humourous piece, but I think it’s wrong to actually say there are no standards. The audience (and some times the critics) judge the quality. And yes, maybe some times they will tune in or watch a show because someone is famous but they will only have their heart racing and their mind spinning when the show is great.

Krazy ends with a slightly tongue in cheek

If you have the nerve and self-belief. If you are prepared to ignore the knockers, mockers and critics, who’s to say you’re wrong and they’re right? Who’s to say you won’t be up there with the greats one day? No one.

But actually, I think there’s a lot to be said for that. You’re not going to become great without determination and trying. And maybe you won’t but I don’t think we can knock Denise van Outen for trying (maybe for her performance) but not for trying.

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