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Memories of my Aunt

My Aunt died this week ( I recently flew out to see her in Singapore when she was ill).
At the risk of sound mawkish, it’s times like this which make you face your own mortality and those that you love. But rather than thinking of condolences I suggest you get in touch with those you care for and tell them you think they are great and perhaps tell them why.
Memories of Tai Kuma
My Tai Kuma was an incredibly warm and gentle woman. She looked after me and cared for me from very young. My memories of her stretch back to before I could walk.

From her amazement in the kitchen in Ipoh that I would call a durian a perfume fruit. To playing Mah Jong, which she taught me; in Ipoh, in London, on the plane! Walking through Richmond park on a hot day with Auntie Aiyan, sitting down and eating ice creams.

She reminded me to wash my hair. To cut my hair. To look after myself. And all through out my life I knew I could count on her.

There are some qualities that are passed down through families. For instance the palm of her hand was always very soft and when I touch my palm now, I think of her.
But, I’d like to think that what has passed down to me is not just her Mah Jong skills but her kindness. She never had a bad word to say about anyone.

And I miss her. Greatly.

But I know as long as I and those who care for her remember her she will always be with us.

Radio 4 play: Places in between

Head and life very full at the moment so not much blogging.

But my Radio 4 play aired this week and if you missed it you can catch if for the next week only at this link

Or if you ask me nicely I may send you a CD.

It’s about Rory Stewart who walks across Afghanistan just after the of the Taliban….

the R4 blurb is:

Dramatised by Benjamin Yeoh.

A travel narrative by Scottish author Rory Stewart about his solo walk across north-central Afghanistan in 2002. He started in Herat and ended in Kabul following the Hari Rud river from west to east. Along the way he passes through some of the most rugged, isolated and poor parts of the country. Set at the same time as the American invasion and occupation of Afghanistan after the events set in motion by 9/11, Rory made the walk in the middle of winter, adding additional hardship as he passed through the mountainous Ghor region and its many snow-bound passes and villages.

Rory ……Greg Wise
Qasim/Tajik soldier …… Mido Hamada
Abdul Haq ……. Omar Berdouni
Yusuf/Checkpoint soldier ……. Nayef Rashed
Dr Habibullah/Mullah ……. Nitin Ganatra
Bushire/Security soldier …… Emun Elliott
Nasir/Haji Mumtaz …… Tahmoures Tehrani

Producer/director Steve Canny.

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