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Recommending: Growing your own vegetables

A Disappearing Number

Book tickets and go and see this.

It’s Complicite’s take on string theory/interconnectedness of everything, the beauty of mathematics, the repeatability of history (though mathematicians – strangely riffing on Tom Stoppard’s Arcadia in my mind, also spotted Tom in the audience, I think), a love story, a genius Indian mathematician (Ramanujan), infinity and infinites of infinity, and

Why 1729 is an intriguing number in the history of mathematics? Clue it is all to do with cubics
and if you listen carefully it will teach you the difference between countable sets of numbers, and uncountable sets and the different types of infinity.

More thoughts from my maths brain when I have a little bit more time, not sure when that will be…

Emperor Jones racist?

Life incredibly full at the moment.

GU blog debate on whether the Emperor Jones is racist or whether O’Neill is or what…

I’ve been thinking about this point in general, can you separate the life of an artist from his work?

Ezra Pound said some bad things. His poetry was ground breaking. Can we square the two or do we need to disregard his work, due to the evil things he said.

I think we need to have it in the front of our minds when we examine such work but to dismiss it out of hand without thought would probably be a mistake.

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