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Recommending: Growing your own vegetables


Under the Blue Sky. David Eldridge play. I know David, although not very well and he was a great blogger before he closed his blog. His play is many faceted, but I like it as 3 connecting love stories, which I think, in the end, affirm life. And if you take away from the theatre more than you began with, then that has to be worth seeing. Interview in Indy here.

Stars in the Morning Sky. At the Riverside Studios. I’ve not seen it but a friend is in it and could be worth a trek West London.

…some trace of her at the National Theatre. I like Katie Mitchell’s work and Hattie Morahan is a friend. I wonder how the mise-en-scene has developed since Attempts on her Lifesuggestion from the Whingers, maybe not that much.

Both Kung-Fu Panda and Wall-E. I love animation in all its forms and these are two – different – but hugely enjoyable films for all ages. You will learn about the Wuxi finger hold in Kung-Fu Panda and be charmed by robots in the other!

On the home front: I’ve now had several portions of home grown french beans and courgettes. Courgettes particularly are easy to grow, so if you have any outside patch I say plant one in a pot next year. If you only have indoor space then I recommend radishes.

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One Response to “Recommending”

  1. dio on August 5th, 2008

    Hi Ben

    nice to hear about your vegetables. I’m getting quite a nice crop this year, already pulled up lettuce, radishes, onions, pots and strawberries. Looking forward to the leaks and toms. The basil is also growing nicely. I also have issues with slugs and the neighbours cat (sometimes I think it’s the foxes as well).

    I also saw you reference to the urban spaces document. It may make useful reading as I’m on the committee of Urban Gravesham, the local Civic Society and we are fighting a huge development on the heritage quarter. If you get a chance stop by

    take care

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